A Broken Nation That Needs Unity And Understanding

Let’s be frank, the solution to such deep set problems evident throughout this campaign is not to be sensational and brand half of this country ‘racist’, it is too question. What on earth led people to believe Donald Trump should be their president? The issues need to be addressed as to why people believe he is the solution. The reality is many who voted for Trump have felt that there has been an out of touch liberal elite who have been arrogant in their attitude, focusing on a perceived ‘progress’ without addressing the core issues that many face, such as joblessness and declining wages. They have felt they have had no voice. Many just wanted hope and many of them found that hope in Obama in 2008, but equally then felt that this hope did not manifest a solution, especially across the rustbelt states. These are places like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, states that haven’t gone republican since the 1980s, but that all voted for Trump this time looking for the change they so desperately desired. That is the stark truth.

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