Adblock Plus Has Already Found A Fix For Facebook’s Latest Anti-Adblocker Code

While it took Adblock Plus days to respond to Facebook’s original attempt to disable adblockers on the site, it took Facebook just hours to respond to their work around. But Adblock Plus’s latest response comes just hours later.

Facebook didn’t immediately respond to the HuffPost UK’s request for comment on whether it would attempt to disable Adblock Plus’s new workaround, but it’s likely that they will be working to already.

The saga will be resource intensive for both companies and shows no sign of relenting. At the current rate, users who want to block ads on the site will need to update their adblocking software every day for as long as the battle lasts.

Facebook isn’t the only media organisation to have locked horns with Adblock Plus in recent months.

Some news publishers are also attempting to develop workarounds for the technology, with many opting to bulk up their digital native advertising offering, which is more difficult to adblock. Others are banning readers from reading stories if they have adblockers switched on

Yet, most publishers don’t have the resources required to take on adblocking companies. In Facebook, however, Adblock Plus may have finally met its match. 

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