Aide To Theresa May Drawn Into Row Over Election Expenses In South Thanet

Under election law, expenses for the “promotion” of a candidate in a constituency must be declared locally and are subjected to tight limits.

Channel 4 News, which has previously carried a series of reports concerning the Conservatives’ election expenses, said none of the expenses incurred at the Royal Harbour Hotel were declared as local expenses by the winning Tory candidate, Craig Mackinlay, or his agent.

The programme said a Conservative spokesman had confirmed to them that Mr Timothy – who was previously a special adviser to Theresa May when she was home secretary – was based in South Thanet and had “assisted” the team, but said he was working as a “volunteer” on the “national” campaign.

It said it had been told by the party that Mr Timothy’s duties during the campaign included “briefing policy and political work on Home Office policy, briefing party spokespeople on Home Office policy, supporting Theresa May, and working on a variety of other matters for the Conservative Party during the campaign”. 

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