Alun Cairns Mocked On BBC Question Time For Claiming Conservatives Are The ‘Party Of Workers’

The disagreement comes after Prime Minister Theresa May tried to distance herself from the David Cameron era by targeting “ordinary, working class people” who felt ignored by Westminster politicians.

Comedian Andy Parsons was also on the panel at Question Time. He lambasted May’s grammar school policy as “something that conspicuously doesn’t work for everyone”.

Parsons said: “She then said she was going to be the ‘champion’ for the establishment, forgetting that she’s been part of the establishment for decades and is arguably now the pinnacle of the establishment.

“She then went on to say Britain should be a country (where) it doesn’t matter where you were born.

“She obviously hasn’t heard the speech from her own home secretary, her own health secretary, who are suggesting that we train up more junior doctors and then we can tell the foreign doctors who are helping us out at the moment that they should go away.

“She hasn’t heard from Liam Fox who basically said that people who are here from the EU, he wasn’t going to say that they could stay because they were a negotiation chip, they weren’t people as such they were a negotiating chip.”

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