Amber Rudd Prepares For Talks On Border Controls With France Amid Calais Jungle Camp Fears

“I support the Government in resisting pressure to change border arrangements but it is crass and insensitive for them to make this threat and link these two issues,” he said.

“Given all the security concerns France has at this present time, the UK should be providing unconditional security support to our neighbour and ally. After all, the same terror networks that threaten France threaten security on British streets too.

Theresa May should disown these comments without delay and make it clear that threatening a long-standing ally with the withdrawal of cooperation on counter-terrorism is not part of the UK’s negotiating position.”

A Home Office spokesman responded: “We remain committed to working together to protect our shared border in Calais and to maintain the juxtaposed controls.

“The French government has repeatedly made it clear that removing the juxtaposed controls would not be in the interests of France.”