An Australian-Style Points-Based System? If It Isn’t The Answer, We Need To Know What Is

This, I suspect, is where her thinking is now. Brexit might mean an end to the free movement of EU nationals but British businesses will still need to access their skills. Having ruled out a points-based system, I can only assume that the Prime Minister wants to extend the existing demand driven immigration system to EU nationals. They can come over if their skills are needed for a particular job, but not to simply look for work. Otherwise, what would be the difference?

There would need to be changes. Right now our work visas are only available to people filling graduate level jobs. That won’t help the sectors that have become increasingly reliant on workers from the continent since the EU expanded in 2004, for instance catering and farming. Ultimately the government should do more to get British people working in those sectors but it won’t happen overnight.

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