Andrew Marr Defends Interview With Far-Right French Leader Marine Le Pen

Andrew Marr has defended his decision to interview the leader of the far-right French National Front, Marine Le Pen, on his Sunday morning programme.

The BBC has been criticised for its decision to broadcast the interview on Remembrance Sunday and anti-fascist protesters demonstrated outside Broadcasting House this morning.

But Marr stood by the choice. “In the end we are a news programme and I don’t think the best way to honor the fallen is to fail to report on the next big challenge to Western security,” he told viewers. 

“I know this morning some people are offended and upset that I have been to interview Marine Le Pen and we are showing this interview on Remembrance Sunday.

“I understand that, but I would say this: Le Pen could, under some circumstances, become the next French president in the spring. This week, in the immediate aftermath of the Trump victory, she has declared that the whole world has changed and that her brand of politics is on the march, what does the mean?”

In the interview, Marr pressed Le Pen on her party as having a reputation of being racist – charge she denied. Le Pen also said there is not a “hair’s breadth” between it and Ukip. She said it was “ridiculous” for Nigel Farage and others in Ukip to pretend otherwise.

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