Angela Eagle Hits Out At Homophobia Of ‘Unreconstructed’ Hard Left

Asked if some on the far Left were guilty of homophobia, she replied: “In some places, that’s absolutely true. They are pretty unreconstructed some of them, yes.”

She added: “We’ve got some people that were politically formed in the 1970s that aren’t looking at the kind of era we are in now”.

Eagle said that the wider online abuse suffered by many women was in real danger of deterring people from public life, and urged social media firms and the legal authorities to do more to stamp it out.

Referring to the Labour National Executive Committee investigation into homophobic abuse by some in her local Labour party, she said: “Things happened there [at the Wallasey AGM] that the NEC are looking at.

“And it is depressing, but largely I don’t think that most members in the Labour party would think that way.

“But we do have to see what’s happened post the Brexit vote, where we’ve seen a 41% increase in hate crimes for black and ethnic minority people. And we’ve seen a huge increase in crimes against LGBT people as well. 

“And I think that kind of move towards intolerance and what’s been unleashed is not very pleasant. And we can only rise above that by reasserting our values on the equal dignity of all human beings.”

According to one study, homophobic hate crimes spiked by 147% in the three months after June’s Brexit vote.

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