Angela Eagle: Labour Leadership Election Was Too Much About Personalities, Not Policy

“At the moment we are appealing to our core vote but we are not being able to appeal beyond that, and you can see that from some of the polling.”

She dismissed suggestions that triggering the election was a mistake, saying that politicians “can’t anticipate” the future.

The party now needs to look to the future and grapple with the big issues fuelling the “politics of grievance and anger”, she said.

Eagle said: “We’ve got a very experienced load of people on the backbench who have more time than they would have if they were doing frontline duties to think about the key things that I think we now need to think about as a party.”

She rebutted suggestions there was an attempt to undermine Corbyn, but added: “We will never be able to return to government if we don’t answer the questions that face people in their everyday lives and appeal to them.

“We need to modernise our view of how we deal with the issues that are going on in our economy.”

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