Anger As Health Minister Refuses To Rule Out Future NHS Charges

Edward Leigh MP had asked Dunne for an “honest debate” about financial pressures, and whether patients should contribute.

“We need an honest debate about this, and to try and recognise that we do have an ageing population”, he said.

“Our AE times are stretched, and we may have to either tax people more, or even think the unthinkable and charge people for it.”

But Madders dismissed the suggestion, blaming pressures on Tory health cuts “pushing our health service to the brink”.

“I’m all for an honest debate about NHS finances, that is that we have been calling for, but that can never include charges for AE or other NHS services”, he said.

“Of course we are only having this conversation because six years of Tory underfunding is pushing our health service to the brink.

Jeremy Hunt needs to act urgently to set out a rescue package for the NHS and to rule out the shocking suggestion that patients should face charges”.

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