Angry ‘Brexit’ Man On BBC Question Time Corrected When Arguing Democracy Exists ‘Only In Name’

Looking thoroughly peeved, he said: 

“Democracy doesn’t exist. We’ve lost it. Now is the time to say we’ve given up. It’s in name only.”

He added: 

“We voted out and they still don’t accept it.”

But he was taken to task by Zanny Minton Beddoes, editor-in-chief of the Economist magazine, who corrected the gentleman. She said:

“What the High Court said was there has to be vote in Parliament, because we are a parliamentary democracy. I don’t think Parliament should overturn the will of the people.”

But that didn’t seem to be enough. The man responded:

“Where’s the democracy?”

So Minton Beddoes went on: 

“There’s a difference between direct democracy and referendums, and parliamentary democracy. And we are a representative democracy. You elect an MP to form a government. That is parliamentary democracy.”

Minton Beddoes added while the UK voted to leave the EU, it did not vote to vote “for any particular direction”. She continued:

“What we need to have is a serious debate about where we want to get to.”

While the debate may seem crude, it probably reflects what is going on across the country – as social media suggested on the same night as it reacted to pro-Brexit newspaper front pages.

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