Are We Living In A Divided Society?

T​he division is greater than anticipated especially in London. ​Some Londoners think their parts of London are no longer mixed, no longer inclusive of different faiths, backgrounds and dominated by one particular group. ​​Is it changing for better or worse? As one caller mentioned to Vanessa Feltz on her BBC Radio London Breakfast show it’s “total domination of one culture, one city” in Redbridge. This was a middle aged Jamaican woman who described herself as a minority. So this discussion is no longer based on Black​, White or targeted at a specific ethnic or religious group, it’s deeper and entrenched in class, background and why we have failed as a society to communicate with each other.​ Certain parts of London have become a dumping ground or totally ghettoised yet others have been gentrified offering a new lease of life to the middle class. ​

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