Arron Banks Predicts Nigel Farage Could Return As Ukip Leader

Banks predicted Nuttall would win the contest but said he did not think the former deputy leader had the “steel” to “clear out certain people within the party”.

And he said the idea Ukip should move to the centre ground was “ludicrious” – something advocated by Evans.

Banks conceded Ukip could struggle to find a purpose now the UK had voted to leave the EU. Asked if it it could be the “end” of the party, he said: “It could be, it’s at a crossroads.”

And asked if he would consider standing to be leader, Banks told Today: “Well, not at the moment.”

“I am bit more controversial than Nigel, I don’t think I would go down very well,” he said. “We’ve got a leadership contest, I’m not in it.”

Asked if he thought Farage could make another return as party leader oen day, Banks said: “I think at some point he may do, yes, maybe. I think he’s gone on record as saying though if Mrs May doesn’t deliver Brexit then he’ll be back. I think it’s a threat enough maybe for them to get on with it.” 

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