Arron Banks Threatens To Leave Ukip, Calls Neil Hamilton An ‘Odious Toad’ Following Steven Woolfe Comments

In a statement, Banks said: “Firstly, I was shocked at the events that unfolded today – it goes without saying that I wish Steven best wishes and hope he recovers soon.

“I am however utterly disgusted to see Neil Hamilton touring the newsrooms this afternoon, spewing his bile before anyone knew if Steven was going to be ok.

“He truly is a creature from the gutter who will do anything to get his mug on our screens. 

“Tonight I am calling for the immediate suspension of the NEC. Elections need to be held for both a new leader of the party as well as the NEC. 

“People say that Ukip is split down the middle between two camps. This is incorrect.

“The Tory troublemakers and fifth columnists represent a small minority in our party, yet they use any opportunity they can do undermine those working tirelessly to hold the governments feet to the flames. This ends today.

“If Neil Hamilton and Douglas Carswell remain in the party, and the NEC decide that Steven Woolfe can not run for leader, I will be leaving Ukip. 

“People have worked too long and too hard to get Ukip to where it is today, but it is clear that we ourselves, are at breaking point.” 

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