Article 50 High Court Ruling Comes As Lord Kerr Says He Thought It Would Only Be Used In A Coup

Lord Kerr, who as well as serving as UK ambassador to the EU and USA is a former head of the British diplomatic service, made the remarks ahead of a High Court ruling on the triggering of Article 50 due this morning.

He said: “I thought the circumstances in which it would be used, if ever, would be when there was a coup in a member state and the EU suspended that country’s membership.

“I thought that at that point the dictator in question might be so cross that he’d say ‘right, I’m off’ and it would be good to have a procedure under which he could leave.”

Lord Kerr also said Brexit was “not irrecoverable” and the UK might want to reconsider once the full terms become apparent. 

He added: “You can change your mind while the process is going on.

“During that period, if a country were to decide actually we don’t want to leave after all, everybody would be very cross about it being a waste of time.

“They might try to extract a political price but legally they couldn’t insist that you leave.”

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