AT&T to buy Time Warner in media mega-deal

ATT buys Time Warner for $85 billion

ATT and Time Warner have concluded to an $85 billion understanding — one of a biggest media tie-ups ever.

The move, announced Saturday evening, will assistance ATT enhance over wireless and Internet use into programming. Time Warner is a primogenitor of CNN, TNT, HBO, a Warner Bros. studio, and other channels and websites.

ATT, that dates behind to a invention of a write in 1876, is one of a country’s largest providers of wireless phone and Internet service. It also recently acquired a DirecTV satellite TV business.

The understanding will be theme to a examination by supervision regulators that could take some-more than a year to complete.

ATT will compensate $107.50 a share — a large reward over where Time Warner batch was trade final week. Including Time Warner’s debt, a deal’s value is $109 billion.

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ATT-Time Warner is a kinship of programming and distribution.

Executives during a dual companies have been in talks for several months. Word of a probable understanding leaked out on Thursday; ATT executives were pronounced to be fervent to finish a talks before a marketplace opens on Monday morning.

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Why ATT wants Time Warner

Adding Time Warner will assistance ATT to variegate a business over wireless phone and Internet services. ATT CEO Randall Stephenson has oral publicly about his enterprise to possess profitable programming.

Gaining Time Warner will give ATT entrance into entertainment, news and sports.

Time Warner includes all from “Game of Thrones,” on HBO, to “Anderson Cooper 360,” on CNN, to “The Big Bang Theory,” constructed by Warner Bros., to Mar Madness basketball games, aired by several Turner wire channels.

With HBO and CNN on one side of a company, and wireless on a other side, ATT will have some-more energy to figure a destiny of media.

The understanding will also keep Time Warner out of a hands of ATT’s outrageous rivals, including Verizon, (VZ, Tech30) Comcast, (CCV)and Apple (AAPL, Tech30).

Jeff Bewkes will sojourn Time Warner CEO during a regulatory review. Afterward, he’ll stay on to “ensure a well-spoken transition,” a source said.

A repeat of Comcast-NBC?

In some ways, a understanding resembles Comcast’s 2011 partnership of NBCUniversal. Comcast, a widespread wire distributor, wanted to possess wire channels and a film studio. That understanding was approved, with restrictions, by regulators.

Donald Trump pronounced progressing on Saturday that he would retard a partnership if inaugurated president. He also pronounced he would try to mangle adult Comcast-NBC.

Hillary Clinton’s debate has not commented.

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ATT-Time Warner is not a “horizontal merger,” definition dual companies with identical businesses entrance together and mixing operations. Instead, it is a “vertical merger,” fixation dual opposite kinds of businesses underneath a same roof.

A Time Warner partnership by ATT might start a new call of converging and means 21st Century Fox and Disney to cruise large deals of their own. Shares of 3 other smaller wire programming companies — AMC, Discovery Communications and Scripps Networks — all surged on Friday.

— CNNMoney’s Paul R. La Monica contributed to this report.

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