BBC Newsnight’s Evan Davis Savages Hungarian Minister For Immigrant ‘Slur Against The UK’

An irritated Davis told Szijjártó: “You think there are no-go zones in the UK? A dozen of them? Because you mark them in Peterborough, London, Southampton. You’ve been to the UK right, you’ve been to London?”

Szijjártó said he had visited, adding “I like London a lot, no problem.”

The Newsnight interviewer pressed: “You still believe there are no-go areas in London where you cant go because the migrants have taken over?

Davis added: “This is ridiculous, you can use your eyes, it’s just ridiculous.”

“Did you talk to the British government before you published this about the UK? It’s a slur on the UK. By the way, an inaccurate slur on the UK, did you talk to the British government? Or even your embassy in London?”

The leaflet, Davis said, was “false and defamatory of a nation”.

Szijjártó said “of course” he used his eyes. “I usually do,” he said. And admitted the UK ambassador to Hungary had also complained about the leaflet.

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