BBC Panorama Finds Syrian Refugees ‘Making Clothes For Asos, M&S And Zara’

The investigation also discovered Syrian refugees working 12 hour days in a factory that was distressing jeans for Mango and Zara.

The refugees were involved in spraying hazardous chemicals to bleach the jeans, but most of the workers didn’t even have a basic face mask.

Mango says that the factory was working as a subcontractor without its knowledge. Its subsequent inspection didn’t find any Syrian workers and found “good conditions except for some personal safety measures”.

Zara’s parent company, Inditex, says its factory inspections are a “highly effective way of monitoring and improving conditions”. It had already found significant non-compliance in an audit in June and had given the factory until December to make the necessary improvements.

In another Istanbul factory, Panorama found Syrian adults at work alongside Turkish children as young as ten.

The owner said he had been working for Next and showed the undercover team a set of pyjamas with the brand’s label that he said the factory had helped produce.

Next says the pyjamas were actually made by another supplier and the pyjamas we saw may have been a sample. It says samples circulate widely and that the presence of a sample in a factory does not mean it was made there.


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