BBC Question Time: Owen Smith Denies Having Said He Would Negotiate With Isis But David Dimbleby Tells Him He Did

This was met with laughter and boos from the audience.

Corbyn then said he would never negotiate with Isis.

But this left Tweeters with long memories confused, as they recalled Corbyn had said in January he would open “diplomatic back channels” with Isis.

At the time, he told The Andrew Marr Show such channels were maintained with groups like the IRA.

“The British government maintained a channel through the IRA all through The Troubles. I don’t condemn them keeping a back-channel to the Taliban … I think there has to be some route through somewhere,” he said.

“A lot of the commanders [in Isis], particularly in Iraq but to some extent in Syria, are actually former officers in the Iraqi army.”

He added that “dialogue” was “perhaps the wrong word to use” to describe such a channel.

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