Billy Bush ‘ashamed’

Trump's uncensored licentious comments about women from 2005

“Today” uncover co-host Billy Bush says he is “embarrassed and ashamed” about his coarse discuss with Donald Trump on a 2005 videotape that was suggested on Friday.

“It’s no excuse, though this happened eleven years ago — we was younger, reduction mature, and acted foolishly in personification along. I’m really sorry,” Bush pronounced in a statement.

Before a matter was expelled by NBC, indignant comments piled adult on Bush’s Facebook page from viewers who were troubled by a essence of a tape. On it, Trump brags in striking terms about being means to examine women “when you’re a star” and Bush jokes about it.

The “Today” uncover Facebook page was also overtaken by hundreds of vicious comments. Some viewers pronounced they wish Bush to be dangling or fired.

NBC News had no evident criticism on that, either.

But one “Today” uncover source called a conditions “brutal.”

And officious bizarre — given Billy Bush is a cousin of George W. and Jeb Bush.

“Imagine if Billy Bush had remembered his speak with Donald Trump in time to assistance cousin Jeb,” party web site The Wrap opined on Friday night.

Bush recently became a co-host of a 9 a.m. hour of “Today,” NBC’s rarely essential morning show. He frequently appears during other hours of a four-hour broadcast, that has a predominately womanlike audience.

As a discuss over a fasten erupted on Friday afternoon, Anthony Quintano, who before ran a “Today” show’s amicable media efforts, pointed out that “a infancy of a ‘Today’ uncover prolongation staff is female” and pronounced it “won’t go over good internally to keep Billy Bush around.”

It is tough to design Bush sitting around a “Today” uncover list on Monday morning, chatting about Sunday night’s presidential debate, given that Trump’s taped comments are certain to be partial of a debate.

NBC executives might interpretation that his purpose is illogical by choosing day.

Or they might select to float out a controversy. Bush is a mint further to a morning show, representing a large gamble by NBC for a destiny of a franchise.

And he released a deeply apologetic matter within a few hours.

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Back in 2005, when Bush’s review with Trump took place, Bush was a co-host of “Access Hollywood,” a party newsmagazine owned by NBC.

Trump was a co-worker of sorts — he was a star of NBC’s primary time existence uncover “The Apprentice.”

The dual group were together to foster Trump’s coming on an NBC soap opera.

Bush joked around with Trump and clearly enabled his sexist comments. At one indicate he urged a womanlike singer to give Trump a hug.

In a statement, Trump pronounced a comments were “locker room banter” and said, “I apologize if anyone was offended.”

The video was not foster by NBC during a time it was taped. But it was archived during “Access Hollywood.”

According to NBC sources, “Access Hollywood” was operative on a possess story this week about a tape, though as of Friday a story “wasn’t utterly finalized.”

Somehow — it is misleading how — David Fahrenthold of The Washington Post came into possession of a copy, and published it on Friday afternoon.

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A mouthpiece for “Access” had no evident criticism about because a fasten did not aspect sooner.

“Access” aired a possess news about a fasten on Friday night.

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