BNP And EDL Among Far-Right Groups To March With Nigel Farage On Supreme Court

A host of far-right groups are set to join Nigel Farage in a march on the Supreme Court. 

The British National Party (BNP) and English Defence League (EDL) are among the biggest planning to send delegates to protest the ruling last week that MPs must vote on triggering Article 50

They will join Farage, Ukip’s interim leader, in the demonstration tipped to attract 100,000 people. 

Farage called the rally after judges ruled Theresa May had no right to begin Britain’s exit from the European Union without first consulting Parliament. 

He branded it a “deliberate, wilful attempt to frustrate this referendum” and even said one of the judges should not have been allowed to sit on the High Court panel. 

A spokesperson for the upcoming event organised by him and Leave.EU told The Telegraph: “This will remind the Government, politicians and the establishment, including the court, that they cannot ignore the democratic vote of the people in the referendum.”

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