Boris Johnson Jokes Must Stop, Urges Tory MP Jake Berry

He wrote in the Daily Telegraph last week: “Mr Johnson is used to being asked to knock off the jokes. But the same request should now be made of the Prime Minister, at least as far as those at his expense are concerned.”

The PM used her Conservative Party conference speech to joke “can Boris Johnson stay on message for a full four days? Just about”.

At a recent awards ceremony the Prime Minister also teased him after he had joked about Lord Heseltine “throttling” his dog.

May said: “Boris, the dog was put down … when its master decided it wasn’t needed any more.”

Hammond made a barbed reference to Johnson’s aborted leadership campaign as he delivered his Autumn Statement in the Commons.

“I suspect that I will prove no more adept at pulling rabbits from hats than my successor as Foreign Secretary has been at retrieving balls from the back of scrums,” Hammond said – a reference to Johnson’s previous comments about his leadership ambitions that “if the ball came loose at the back of the scrum” he would pick it up.

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