Boris Johnson: West Should Consider ‘Military Option’ To Protect Civilians In Syria

He said protests against Assad should “focus” on the Russian embassy, and suggested demonstrations could also take place outside the Iranian embassy in London.

Johnson sparked a backlash from Russia on Tuesday when he said that he would “like to see” a protest against the country’s role in the bombing of civilians in Aleppo.

Moscow called his comments “shameful”, and said they showed “Russian hysteria”.

But when asked on Thursday if he supported marching on all the embassies of countries who were “players” in the war, Johnson said that Iran and Russia were “the culprits”, along with Assad.

“It is important not to let a blame game diffuse the central responsibility of what is taking place”, he said.

He said Assad was “being backed up by the Russians and the Iranians. Those are the culprits”.

Johnson also called the decision from Stop The War not to protest “an oddity.”

“I thought you were right to point out the peculiarity that the Stop The War coalition do not think it suitable to protest against this particular war of aggression against an innocent civilian population”, he told the committee.

“That is an oddity that has been noticed, and I’m remarking on it again.”

During the meeting Johnson called himself a “Russophile”, but said that the country needed to cease its “barbaric acts” in Syria.

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