Brexit Plans Could Cost £65m And Require 520 More Staff, Think-Tank Warns

It also called on Theresa May to clamp down on internal disputes to limit the “turf wars” that would be fought over ownership of Brexit policy. 

“The current position of the outside world trying to divine the Government’s position from the personal musings of individual ministers is creating unhelpful uncertainty – frustrating those looking for an early exit, perplexing those with whom we have to negotiate, and unsettling those looking to do business with the UK.”

The report also estimates the potential cost of negotiating Brexit, and says another 520 staff will need to be recruited across the trade and Brexit departments at the cost of £65 million a year.

MP and Patron of Vote Leave Watch Tom Brake said the claims exposed the “chaos and infighting at the heart of Government” over Brexit planning.

“There are no prizes for guessing where this £65 million is going to come from; it’ll come from the budgets for the NHS and other vital public services, which Leave campaigners promised would benefit from Brexit,” Brake said.

“The government needs to get its act together, be open with the public, and deliver a progressive Brexit deal which protects working people and keeps Britain an open country.”

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