Brexit Will Make UK Less Appealing To Donald Trump, Claims Alastair Campbell

On the ITV show, Campbell warned:

“I don’t think that we’re on the radar in the way that we think we are. I actually think the fact that Theresa May was the 11th leader in the World whose call he took … I just think that would have shocked her.

“I actually think us coming out of the European Union will make us less interesting to Trump. In the end, if he is a pragmatist, if he is actually is going to sort of try to do the job properly, he’s going to look where power is.”

Asked, if he were PM, would he hire Farage to build bridges with Trump, Osborne said:

“Absolutely not, I mean Theresa May is a very sensible person who is not going to do that. The British Prime Minister or the British Government cannot contract its foreign policy out to Nigel Farage.”

He also made the case for a “soft” Brexit, and that the relationship with the US was less now important. “For the first time really the most important decisions over the next few years are going to be about our relationship with Europe, not about our relationship with the United States.”

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