Brexiteer claims Remainers are looking for ‘any way’ to keep UK ‘trapped’ in single market

MEPs are set to consider a proposal, backed by chief Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt, which will allow Britons to claim “associate citizenship” after the EU exit is complete.

But the plan has been savaged by Robert Griffiths, who chaired the Left Leave ‘Lexit’ campaign during the EU referendum.

Speaking to , Mr Griffiths said: “I am deeply suspicious. It is quite clear to me that many in the Remain camp are not reconciled to the democratic decision of the people of Britain on June 23.

“They are looking for every possible way to keep us trapped in the European single market.

“I am afraid this idea of some kind of semi-citizenship of the EU is really being peddled by bait in order to get people to a accept the idea we should remain part of the single market – which is very much linked to the interest of big business.”