Britain First’s Jayda Fransen Trial Sees Paul Golding Release Video About Ruling

“Luton police on that occasion decided to take no further action.

”On another occasion another of our Jewish activists was fly-kicked in the face on video – no further action.

“Whilst preaching the Gospel in East London a Muslim idiot spat in Jayda Fransen’s face – no further action.

“These are just a few examples where Muslims have been let off for a number of crimes despite blatant video evidence.

“However, when Britain First, a legally-registered political party decided to campaign in an area of Luton known for being an Islamist hotspot, Luton police unleashed a wave of arrests and legal persecution that is unprecedented in British political history.”

The video is littered with clips to back up the Golding’s arguments but omit key bits of context.

The incident he describes in which a Muslim man punched him in the face did indeed appear to happen, in fact it featured in a BBC Three documentary on the group that aired last year.

What Golding doesn’t describe is the events directly before and after the incident.

Filmmaker Miles Blayden-Ryal was following the group as they drove through Luton, momentarily stopping outside a mosque brandishing crosses and a large banner declaring “No More Mosques”.

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