Buckingham Palace Repair Bill Petition Asks For Royal Family To Pay Themselves

A petition demanding the Royal Family pay for renovations to Buckingham Palace themselves has been signed by nearly 80,000 people.

The ten-year programme of works set to commence next April will cost £369m, partly funded by the taxpayer.

The announcement was met with incredulity by many, coalescing in in the inline petition.

Started by Mark Johnson, it reads:

Why is this important?

The intended work will replace ageing facilities, including those presenting a fire risk to the 300-year-old palace.

The move will be funded by a temporary increase in the Sovereign Grant, the amount of money awarded by the government to the crown estate.

The grant will be lifted from 15% to 25% of crown estate net income, from £43m to £76m.

This was recommended by the Royal Trustees, who include the Prime Minister Theresa May and Chancellor Phillip Hammond.

When the news was announced there was an outcry of anger and resentment. 

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