Can Corbyn Surprise Us By Uniting Labour?

Norwegian foreign policy involves being a member of NATO, but using diplomacy, military clout and wealth to create a global role as a trusted arbitrator by resolving wars, providing peacekeepers and taking the long view on international issues. Notably, it was Norway that managed the Oslo Accords between Israel and Palestine. When Blair later tried Middle East peace negotiations, he made little progress. Yet, interestingly, Norway is seen by the USA as a close friend and also an international asset on the world stage. So there is nothing ignoble about Corbyn learning lessons from the Scandinavian model. Of course it would mark a change from New Labour, but it is not unprecedented for the Labour Party. It refers back to the ‘ethical foreign policy’ of Robin Cook, but also to the international ambitions of early leaders like Keir Hardie, George Lansbury and even Ramsey McDonald. Corbyn’s views therefore have roots in Labour history, so they cannot be dismissed.

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