Canadian male might have found Cold War ‘lost nuke’

Canadian waters have yielded their second weird case of a week: The CBC reports that a Royal Canadian Navy is on a approach to examine a probable “lost nuke” believed to have been dumped off a seashore of British Columbia before an American B-36 bomber crashed in 1950.

Diver Sean Smyrichinsky tells a Vancouver Sun that he was acid for sea cucumbers recently when he speckled a weird intent underwater that resembled a hulk steel bagel cut in half, with bolts “molded into it.” He says he told his buddies he competence have speckled a UFO—and when he told some fishermen about a sighting a few days later, “some old-timer pronounced ‘Oh, we competence have found that bomb.'” The explosve a “old-timer” was referring to was a Mark IV explosve blank given a Feb. 13, 1950, pile-up in a area of a US bomber, that had left a bottom in Alaska on a Texas-bound goal that enclosed a unnatural chief bombing of San Francisco, a Guardian reports.The explosve was packaged with TNT and weighed roughly 11,000 pounds, yet annals prove that a core was packaged with lead, not plutonium, so there isn’t risk of a chief accident.


“Nonetheless, we do wish to be certain and we do wish to examine it further,” a Canadian troops orator says, adding that experts will establish either a intent should be retrieved or left where it is.

(Earlier this week, a Canadian troops investigated a weird sound entrance from a Arctic sea floor.)

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