Car2go hits a 2 million member milestone

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Car2go, a car-sharing use charity one-way trips in cities, indispensable 5 years to pointer adult a initial million members. The second million compulsory usually 21 months.

Car2go, a Daimler auxiliary that launched in 2009, announced Tuesday that it has reached a dual million member milestone. Every 1.5 seconds a member takes a outing in one of a 14,000 vehicles in 30 cities opposite 9 countries.

The association doesn’t contend if it’s profitable, though a fast uptick in membership points to a extended unrestrained for a pity economy, and a change in how a universe accesses transportation.

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With Car2go, business profitable a one-time $35 membership price can lease a car parked on a circuitously open travel and leave it elsewhere in their city. There’s no need to haven a car forward of time, or lapse it to a designated parking lot. Car2go cuts deals with internal governments so that a vehicles can be parked in open spots.

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The association began use in a initial Asian city, Chongqing, in April. The seductiveness in China has been rare — Car2go has sealed adult 113,000 business in reduction than 6 months. The membership bottom in Chongqing has scarcely surpassed Car2go’s fifth many renouned city, Vancouver, that launched in Apr 2011.

The company’s many renouned cities are Berlin and Hamburg, both of that have some-more than 130,000 members.

Car2go’s swift of vehicles are mostly two-seater Smart cars. They leave small room for cargo, though are easy to park in cities. The association has branched out some, adding four-door Mercedes-Benz sedans and SUVs in a European fleet.

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