Charity Begins In Middlesbrough

Melanie was rushed into hospital just 48 hours earlier, with all of the symptoms of having had a stroke. Here is the first time, beyond the Bible verses on the wall, that it’s obvious that they’re a Christian organisation. They’d all (including, it seemed from what they said, the medical professionals) believed it was a stroke. They tell me that the church prayed, then within hours Melanie’s condition was improving and it became clear to everyone that it wasn’t a stroke after all. Coincidence? Their entire lives appear to be packed full of just such coincidences. I’m told a story of how they had been given supplies of baby formula. They accepted it, without a clue of what to do with it, then at the very next session a heavily-pregnant woman in significant need turned up. Melanie describes this as “God providing before we even need to ask for it”, and describes her not-stroke with “I don’t care what they say, I’ve got a God that heals”. Agree with her or not, her faith is impressive.

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