Charlie Brooker Reveals Boris Johnson Was His Muse For ‘Anti-Politics Celebrity’ Black Mirror Waldo

One political opponent of Waldo’s quips during the episode: “If that thing is the main opposition then the whole system looks absurd.”

But speaking on Tuesday night, Brooker revealed that the now foreign secretary was his muse.

“We did a Black Mirror episode about a comedian who controls a cartoon bear who runs for office after it becomes an anti-politics celebrity,” Brooker explained on Newsnight.

“That was loosely based on Boris Johnson in a way, because he became a figure through appearing on Have I Got News For You and becoming a buffoon.”

Brooker also recently told Vulture: “He was one of the guys behind Brexit and also quite a clown.

“He appeared on comedy-panel shows here in the UK and was known as a sort of an oaf — which inoculated him from criticism, weirdly.”

Watch a trailer for the episode featuring Waldo below: