Child Sex Abuse Probe Lawyer Ben Emmerson Read About His Suspension On The Internet

Rudd still has full confidence in the inquiry, a spokeswoman for the Home Office told the Press Association.

Her spokeswoman insisted the inquiry’s work remained undiminished, saying: “Ben Emmerson’s suspension is a matter for the independent inquiry, which is continuing its vital work in exposing the failure of public bodies and other organisations to prevent systematic child sexual abuse.

“Our commitment to this inquiry is undiminished. We owe it to victims and survivors to confront the appalling reality of how children were let down by the very people who were charged to protect them and to learn from the mistakes of the past.”

It had been reported that Emmerson was preparing to quit the probe after clashing with the investigation’s new head Alexis Jay.

Emmerson’s colleague in Matrix Chambers, Lord Macdonald of River Glaven, told the Times the government needed to “face up to the reality that an inquiry lasting years into dozens of public institutions going back decades, quite unable to restrain its own remit, is destined to end as an embarrassing fiasco”.

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