Chuka Umunna Admonishes Child Sex Abuse Inquiry Chair’s £80,000 ‘Severance Package’ For Resigning

An influential Labour MP has slammed the Home Office for handing out an £80,000 payoff to the woman who resigned as Chair of the child sex abuse inquiry. 

Chuka Umunna said “it stinks” that Dame Lowell Goddard got such a large sum when she stood down after the panel that previously sat under her complained of poor communication, a breakdown in relations and bad leadership.

The ex-shadow business secretary complained he “did not know of many roles where you, at your own imperative, resign and then get an £80,000 payoff for doing so”. 

The Home Office’s Accounting Officer, Mark Sedwill, claimed he believed the sum represented good “value-for-money” for taxpayers, adding that fighting for a lower amount would have sparked a more costly legal battle.

Speaking at a meeting of the Home Affairs Select Committee today, member Umunna raged at Dame Lowell’s payoff for “walking away from the job that she promised to do”.  

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