Compromise Is Not The Enemy

Rigid refusal to step outside clannish group-think is hardly a UK specific problem. The US is undergoing a bitter election campaign that has fired partisan feeling to bizarre levels. Despite one party – supposedly a mature, professional party with a proud reputation – fielding a mean-spirited, thin-skinned, bullying, hectoring, incoherent buffoon, far too many Republicans have rallied to the flag. Democrats are hardly blameless, many willing to tear strips off their own candidate for being the relative economic moderate she has been her whole life. In a heated environment that sees politicians ripped apart for straying from narrow political convention, it’s no surprise to find the ability, and indeed the desire to work with those of opposing views, an undervalued and poorly received trait. When everyone who doesn’t think the same is painted as the enemy, a move to bridge the divide will be derided.

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