Corbyn Aide: Focus On Russian Bombing In Syria ‘Diverts’ Attention From ‘American Atrocities’

“Emily Thornberry said yesterday the priority should be holding talks inside the Russian embassy rather than demonstrations outside.

“People are entitled and at complete liberty to demonstrate outside not only the Russian embassy but but all the other embassies of those participating, intervening powers.

“People are free to protest outside the intervening powers’ embassies, and there a number of them, not just the US and Russia.

“If we are seriously talking about ending that conflict or reducing the suffering it has to be about bringing together those intervening powers.”

Johnson taunted the ‘Stop the War’ coalition on Tuesday, wondering if they would join in a march on the Russian embassy.

Today, its deputy Chris Nineham said there was a “hysteria” about Russia’s bombing campaign in Syria which smacked of “jingoism”.

The senior Labour aide, speaking after Prime Minister’s Question time, pointed out “Stop the War has also condemned the Russian intervention” and Corbyn had too.

“He has condemned the Russian intervention and the Russian bombing – as he has opposed the intervention by all outside powers in the Syrian civil war.”

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