Corbyn’s Democratic Cant Is Running Out Of Road

Jeremy Corbyn has spoken at length about the need to increase participation among Labour party members and increase their power over policy. When challenged over his electoral prospects, he routinely invokes the admittedly impressive increase in Labour party membership as evidence of his success. Participation, not power, is the lodestone of the Corbyn project. So it would be reasonable to imagine that he had well-developed and practical proposals to bring new vigour to democracy, both in the Labour party and the country as a whole. Corbyn has done nothing, however, to suggest he has divined the answers that elude policymakers the world over. He told Andrew Marr that, at his request, the National Executive Committee was looking at the issue, and he wanted more online consultation and online policy development. The limp ideas Corbyn has offered to deliver the transformation of his party, the transformation of democracy, no less, are of little consequence against the old, resurgent ideologies of the far-left he has knowingly unleashed.