Corey Lewandowski Credits FBI Director James Comey With Helping Donald Trump Win Election

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has credited FBI director James Comey’s intervention in the campaign as giving the Republican a “spring in his step” that helped him win the election.

Speaking at the Oxford Union during a trip to the United Kingdom on Wednesday evening, Lewandowski also told Americans protesting against the election result to do so “respectfully” and accept that Hillary Clinton lost.

“With eleven days to go in this election cycle something amazing happened. The FBI director, James Comey, came out on a Friday and said they may be reopening the investigation into ‘crooked’ Hillary Clinton’s emails,” he said.

“What that did was remind people that there are two different rules in Washington, those of the elites, for the privileged – and those for everybody else.”

Lewandowski said the Trump’s team was spurred to “redouble their efforts” as the campaign entered its final stretch. “In these last eleven days Donald Trump was exceptionally disciplined. You saw him on the teleprompter, you saw him doing less media,” he said.

Lewandowski served as Trump’s campaign manager from January 2015 to June 2016. After leaving the campaign he became a paid on-air contributor for CNN – a post he quit following Trump’s victory. It has been reported he may be in line for a White House position or as chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Around twenty to thirty students protested Lewandowski’s appearance outside the Oxford University on Wednesday venue with chants of “no borders, no nation, stop the deportation”, “No Trump, no KK, no fascist USA” and “Dump Trump, dump Corey and their pet the fucking Tories”. Another protester inside the hall unfurled a sign and shouted at Lewandowski before being escorted out by security.

Lewandowski said: “There are a lot of protests taking place right now. People don’t like the election results.”

And he told Americans demonstrating in the US against Trump: “That’s your right and your privilege in our great country. But do it peacefully and respectfully and honor the 120 million people who voted in this election cycle. Democracy works. If you don’t like it in four years you have the opportunity to change it. If we don’t abide by that system then chaos ensues.”

During the campaign, Trump said the election was rigged and suggested he would not accept the result if he lost. Following his election he used his Twitter account to criticise protesters.

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