Could The Great Repeal Act Herald The Dawn Of A ‘Progressive Alliance’ As A Serious Force In British Politics?

The proposal appears to be that the Great Repeal Bill will be introduced in the Queen’s Speech in May 2017, a month or two following the time that May has said she plans to trigger Article 50. So the timetable looks something like this: March/April 2017 Article 50 triggered, UK opens negotiations with the EU27 and the key institutions of the European Union; May 2017 the Great Repeal Bill is included in the Queen’s Speech, to be passed as an Act of Parliament during the ensuing year of parliamentary business; March/April 2019 two years from trigger of Article 50, assuming (i) no extension is granted and (ii) Article 50 is not revoked, the UK will exit the European Union at this time and, in the absence of relevant trade agreements, will revert to WTO trading rules and tariffs (assuming the UK leaves the Single Market as part of the ‘leaving package’); upon the formal date of departure from the European Union, certain provisions of the Great Repeal Act will take effect thereby repealing the European Communities Act 1972. At this point, Brexit – however it looks by that point – is complete.

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