Could The US Election Be Hacked? Security Experts Explain The Dangers

What security researchers fear the most however isn’t the vote tampering itself, but attacks on the websites and services which help you to vote.

F-Secure Security Advisor Sean Sullivan explains further saying, “The stuff we’ve found can be used to, say, interfere with get out and vote type initiatives run by parties. That certainly qualifies as a form of interference.”

“There’s also ways for hackers to try and discredit the results. Stuff like that is what should be expected, certainly more so than having someone change votes from one candidate to another,” said Sean.

Explaining further Sullivan points out that: “AP’s system could be a critical point of failure on election night. A threat actor couldn’t actually change the vote, but the results could definitely be undermined.”

“A DDoS [Distributed Denial of Service] attack on the AP’s election night system could result in a delayed tally. And in the current political environment, delayed results will spread suspicions of voter fraud.”

Should we be worried? While experts like Sullivan believe that current electronic voting technology needs to improve quickly, he agrees that it would currently be impossible to ‘hack’ the entire US Presidential election.