Could This Be The End Of Politics As We Know It?

I understand that the Houses of Parliament need to be refurbished over the next couple of years. Maybe it’s time for politicians to take a leaf out of the England football team’s book and go on a tour of the country. Rather than basing themselves at the Department of Health as I think has been mooted, if Parliament met for, say, 3 months in Manchester, 3 months in Hull, etc it would give politicians a much better idea of what is going on outside London than they get on their sanitised two hour campaign trips.

Because I think that if they don’t get out of the little bubble that is London then we could be looking at more surprises in our next General Election. You have to understand what’s broken before you can try to fix it after all. And if you like a little bit of political spice, we still have the German, Dutch and French elections to look forward to next year!

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