Court docs: Relative indicted Toby Willis of child rape

According to justice papers performed by FOX411, Toby Willis was charged Friday with child rape after a relations indicted a existence star of passionate assault.

The justice papers exhibit Willis has been systematic to stay divided from his children and wife.

Willis’ mom Brenda expelled a matter Wednesday following her husband’s arrest.

“I was repelled and ravaged by a explanation of events heading to Toby Willis’ arrest,” Brenda Willis’ profession pronounced in a matter on her behalf. “As these are really perplexing times for a Willis family, we pleasantly ask all to honour a family’s privacy. As a mom of twelve, my initial priority stays with my children and assisting them by this dire event.

“We are cancelling all appearances for a foreseeable destiny to concentration on a children and their well-being. We apologize for any nuisance this might cause. We have, and will continue, to entirely concur with law coercion officials and ask that we approach all inquiries per Toby Willis’ box to a District Attorney’s bureau who have a finish support.”

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation charged a 46-year-old with one count of child rape after an review suggested a passionate confront he allegedly had with a child in 2002.

He was arrested in Greenville, Kentucky where he had trafficked to equivocate arrest. He seemed in justice on Monday but an profession and did not conflict extradition. This means that a state of Tennessee has 60 days to move him behind to their state to face charges. Willis will be given an event to enter a defence when he is rigourously charged in Tennessee.

“The Willis Family” premiered final year on TLC and follows Willis, his mom Brenda and their 12 children whose names all start with a minute “J.” The family of entertainers initial became famous when they reached a quarterfinals on deteriorate 9 of “America’s Got Talent” in 2014.

Before their TLC show, they had a existence uncover on GAC called “The Willis Clan.”

“TLC did not replenish The Willis Family and new episodes have not aired given Apr 2016. We are repelled to hear this news,” a network told FOX411.

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