Dan Hodges Mail On Sunday Column On ‘Spineless’ Owen Smith Wins Support From Unexpected Corners

While writing that “everything Corbyn believes in is wrong”, Hodges said: “At least Corbyn believes in something… Smith’s convictions appear to extend to repeating everything Corbyn says, then screaming ‘but we need to be in power!’ in an increasingly broad Welsh accent.”

Hodges argued Smith will lose the leadership contest because, “Corbyn’s diehards aren’t buying it. And nor, frankly, is anyone else.”

“His message has essentially been: ‘I am just like Jeremy Corbyn. I believe in the same things as Jeremy Corbyn. Ditch Jeremy Corbyn,’” he wrote.

As a consequence, he claimed, Labour members have been presented with a choice between Corbyn and a “trickster” and the question, “Do you want to vote for the real Jeremy Corbyn or do you want to vote for a fake one?”

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