David Cameron Rated One Of The Worst Prime Ministers In Modern History

Winston Churchill received only a 5.4 because the assessment is based on his 1950s government rather than his wartime leadership.

Brown was rated 4.6 while Sir Alec Douglas-Home scored 3.8 and Sir Anthony came bottom on 2.4.

Cameron scored 4 but when asked to rate his stints at No 10 separately he received 5.6 for the coalition years but just 2.1 for his time in No 10 since his 2015 election victory.

Professor Theakston said: “This would place him at the bottom of the league table – as a worse prime minster than Anthony Eden, long seen as the biggest post-war failure in Number 10.”

Academics were also asked to rate the impact each of the last five prime ministers had on society, the economy, foreign policy and Britain’s role in the world, their political party, and democracy.

Cameron was the only one to receive a negative rating in each area.

The online survey was completed by 82 academics.


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