David Cameron Resigns: 10 Of The Funniest And Most Controversial Reasons Dave Is Ducking Out Of Witney

Cameron had repeatedly said he would remain in parliament as an MP, even after his departure as Prime Minister. 

But given the notably quick U-turn, many began guessing about what could have driven him so suddenly from office. 

From not wanting to suffer at the hands of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour in 2020 to a highly criticial report into his role in the intervention of Libya, here are nine of the most insightful and funny suggestions:

1. He never recovered from being called a pie

It’s understandable. As Internet insults go from frontbench politicians, this one from Jeremy Corbyn’s Twitter account might have hit a little deeper than first thought. 

The post from January, which was deleted swiftly after first appearing, also took aim at the Prime Minister’s policy on nuclear armament, with the eloquent message: “Fuck trident”.

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