David Cameron’s Government Agreed Referendums ‘Are Only Advisory’

The former Tory cabinet minister Ken Clarke said the document was “constitutionally… correct” and shouldn’t be ignored. 

“And it’s sensible, because a referendum on a big, broad question tells us nothing about the dozens of issues that have to be tackled by the Government in response to it”, he said.

Tory MP Dominic Grieve said it was “absolutely, abundantly clear” that all referendums are advisory:

“The Government doesn’t have a blank cheque on what model we pursue as we come out of the EU, or our future relationship with the European Union, because the electorate made no pronouncement on that whatsoever,” he said.

May’s spokesperson said “Parliament voted by a majority of six to one to hold the referendum – and it is a manifesto commitment of the Conservative Party to deliver on its outcome.”

“Triggering Article 50 is therefore something for the Government to deliver.”


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