Donald Trump And Women’s Rights: What Will This Mean?

I feel disappointed and I feel worried. I hope more than anything that your rights as American women don’t regress with a Donald Trump Presidency and I hope that all the young boys who have watched Donald Trump become President do not now think that it is acceptable to sexually harass women. I hope that you as American women continue with the very important movement to demand equal pay, I hope that you continue to work towards ending the endemic levels of sexual violence not just in the US but throughout the world and I hope that you continue to insist that at all times your body is your body and it is up to you to decide what you do with it. But what I hope for the most, is that somewhere there is a young girl, or even better, a young woman, who is getting ready to be the next woman to take on the United States Presidency. I hope that she is undeterred by the latest course of events and is instead more determined than ever to take on what Hillary Clinton has started with the tremendous struggle to become the first female President of the United States. I hope so, because now more than ever we need strong, powerful and courageous women to stand up and be the champions, just as Hillary Clinton has been, for women and girls everywhere, all over the world. We need women and girls everywhere to continue to demand that violence and sexual harassment are at all times, unacceptable.

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