Donald Trump Condemned By Breitbart News For ‘Broken Promise’ On Not Prosecuting Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump has suffered “the first major crack” in his coalition of support, after a usually loyal website ran a caustic headline attacking him for apparently ditching a campaign promise.

Breitbart News, the Alt Right website catapulted into the mainstream by Trump’s ascension, ran a headline “BROKEN PROMISE” after Trump’s spokeswoman said he would not pursue the Hillary Clinton prosecution he vowed to throughout the campaign.

Breitbart is widely seen as a cheerleader of President Elect.

Its former chief executive Steve Bannon, who is accused of being a white nationalist, left to run Trump’s campaign and was then appointed to be his chief strategist in the White House.

Journalist Gabriel Sherman, national affairs editor at New York Magazine, called its new headline the “first major crack in [Trump’s] coalition”.

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