Donald Trump Is Still Lying As President Elect And The Press Just Printed His Latest Made Up Claim

Trump was one of the most dishonest presidential candidates. Politico counted his “exaggerations, half truths and misrepresentations” and found he lied during speeches and interviews every three and a half minutes, on average. 

Judging by his behaviour since the election, being president will not change this.

This week, he has continued his feud with The New York Times, tweeting easily disproved statements about what he has and has not said during his campaign for the White House.

The influx of new media outlets and blurred the distinction between bonafide news sources and ones that are egregiously partisan or outright fakes.

A HuffPost UK investigation showed “news” websites, authenticated by Facebook, were sharing obviously fake news and receiving tens of thousands of shares before they were removed.

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